6 Essential Internet Marketing Solutions and Strategies

essential internet marketing solutions

A large percentage of sales comes from a good strategy of using the right internet marketing solutions. You have to know who are the people who have already declared an interest or passion for your product or service. Don’t assume that they know who you are. You have to make it easy for them to find out. A simple way to do that is to have a customer story section in your website. It is an attractive way to explain the buyer persona. This is what I recommend you put on your website.

is it a person who has Already Purchased a Product from you?

Is it Person Who Doesn’t Care About Your Product Or Service?

To make your marketing efforts easier, you have to boost your business using the essential internet marketing solutions available into the web. you have to be organized to make your marketing efforts effective. You can be organized for exemple by using an email marketing services to send out campaigns. 

I recommend making a plan and use this plan when you start building your website and writing your articles, blog posts or emails. Work on it so that you know where you are and where you are going. 

Below I add the 6 internet marketing solutions that I think are essential for every business to thrive online:

1- Email Marketing Solutions:

Internet Marketing Solutions and email marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective internet marketing solutions which consist of sending emails to prospects and customers. Using email as a marketing tool is beneficial as email makes it easy to deliver emails and track results,

To create an email list you have obviously to sing up to an autoresponder and create your optin forms (it’s the infrastructure to send emails). Then you must be ready to use the autoresponder as your marketing tool.

As your email marketing campaign starts, it is critical to have the right tools in place and setting up everything together.  your squeeze pages must be connected to the optin forms you created and to the email sequences of this particular compaign.

You have also to track results. When email marketing is used as a tool, an integral part of the strategy is the tracking of the results of the email campaign. Most of the email marketing programs enable you to track the emails sent and opened. These are used to help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.

Email marketing is one of the most effective and simple internet marketing solutions to promote your products and services. Email marketing programs can boost the sales of your products and services by making it easy for you to communicate with your customers. It will also help you to boost your business by making it easy to know who has received your emails, and it will enable you to track how well the campaign is performing, if you have set up the campaign properly.

Note: If you are doing also affiliate marketing and you promote other people products and services, I suggest using GetResponse or Aweber (Free until you reach 500 subscribers here) because these two autoresponder are Affiliate friendly and easy to use.

2- Affiliate Marketing Solutions:

Internet Marketing Solutions and affiliate marketing

Building your own affiliate program can be one of the most effective internet marketing solutions you can use to boost your online business to the top.

Platform like Paykickstart or Kartra can enable you to build and manage your partner and affiliate network and build an army of partners and affiliates promoting and sending traffic to your products and offers.

Just for a recap, an affiliate marketer a person who is promoting other people’s (or company’s) products to earn a piece of the profit for each sale made. In simple words, its like a salesman, except he do not have to pay for sales while making a commission.

Usually, affiliates receive a percentage of each sale they’re able to refer to a company website. Some companies give their affiliates a fixed amount per sale. This means that an affiliate who forwards a sale to your website is actually making money on behalf of your company. But theres a catch to being an affiliate marketer.

There is a lot of competition in the market place, so you have to provide the best offers to your affiliates to motivate them. Get Inspired from these 2 awesome programs the OLSP program or the RPM Program. (Both are free to join)

Now, heres how things are done in affiliate marketing. they sign up to become an affiliate of your company. This is a very simple thing. they have just to choose a product to promote, and then you give then an affiliate link. This is unique link that comes from your website is linked to a particular affiliate. Every time someone clicks on the link and buys something, you give him a certain percentage specified by you. Its a simple process.

Most of the companies would pay about 40% of the product price to its affiliates. So if your product cost about $50, you would give $20 per sale to the affiliate who bring the sale. Pretty good, right? and It’s a win win situation, the Affiliate do all the hard work and you make guaranteed sales.

Well, every company has its own rules and conditions. You have to set the rules carefully before promoting any of your products. Most companies will not allow their affiliates to use certain keywords in their websites, product description, or even product links. Even though these things are not always important.

Now, if you followed my advices, you will see that its quite simple to make money building your own affiliate program. Its not complicated. You don’t need to have advanced programming skills. All the coding and design will be done for you using softwares like Paykickstart or Kartra. Your main goal is to drive traffic to your website (Best tier 1 countries traffic Here) and recruit a lot of affiliate marketers. Aim to build a list of 100 good and active affiliate marketers and you are good to make a regular income each month.

3- eCommerce Marketing Solutions

eCommerce is one of the good internet marketing solutions for those who sell physical products online.

ECommerce refers to any form of selling products online and includes everything from direct marketing via the Internet to affiliate marketing for businesses or products.

There are several ways in which eCommerce can be used.

When a product is direct marketed via the Internet there are many avenues for it. The products can be advertised using Internet sites like a classifieds website, Product Finder, eBay, etc. Direct marketing via the Internet has an array of benefits. These benefits include reaching a massive audience.

There are several ways in which eCommerce can be used to direct market products.

-You can start your own website and use one of several free online advertising solutions to advertise it.

-You can use a free online classified advertising service to advertise your product and get supply for it, like advertising offsite through auction sites like eBay, which has millions of users, or advertise in online blogs.

-You can use eCommerce to promote your products in online shops that carry specialized products. Online shops are like online supermarkets, you can buy anything you want. Just enter a few details and you’re ready to go.

-You can use eCommerce to promote your products through online marketing. You can use online advertising services to direct market your product.

eCommerce can get your products to your customers quicker, cheaply, and hassle free. It will reduce your costs, give you instant reach to a massive audience, and allow you to expand your business quickly.

4- The SEO internet Marketing Solutions:

Internet Marketing Solutions and seo

Search engine optimization is best done by SEO consultants who are experts in their chosen field. However, you can also ask your sites designers or developers for a quote. The search engine ranking factors that affect search engine ranking are constantly changing and constantly being refined by search engines. So no two sites are the same. The goal of the SEO consultant is to make your site show up for all search terms and phrases.

The goal of the SEO consultant is to make your site show up for all search terms and phrases and to improve your sites ranking within the engines. The results may be delayed for a while as it may take a few weeks or months for the ranking to update.

There are some SEO consultants who may not follow ethical techniques and guidelines and the results may be harmful to your sites visibility. The following are the few unethical techniques to increase your site ranking and traffic:

  • Creating multiple web pages, or multiple domains.

You should keep your websites architecture as simple and clear as possible. Two, or even three, domain names is not a good idea, as all you are doing is creating multiple websites. Google will see this as you are trying to trick the system and will lower your sites ranking.

  • Links with other websites to gain traffic.

In this case you have multiple websites linking to one another and it’s not a good idea. There are several ways to link to another site. There are free, or paid methods, and this is done using links on your own site to another site. The more relevant the site you are linking to is, the higher your sites ranking will be. Paid methods are also not effective. This may seem beneficial at first, but there are scam artists to beware of.

  • Placing keywords in your site on every page.

This is also considered unethical, as it is seen as a way to keep your site ranking. It is very difficult to obtain a high ranking without good site architecture and good content. Good site architecture and content may take some time to obtain.

Search engines may look upon this as a technique to try and cheat the system. Google is notorious for these techniques and these methods can cause you to have a search engine ban.

This has also been called the black hat, or gray hat methods, as they may be blacklisted by search engines and be labelled as deceptive. So be careful.

5- Video Marketing Solutions:

Internet Marketing Solutions and video marketing

Videos marketing is a highly effective internet marketing solutions for building customer rapport and promoting your brand, services or products. It can provide useful content, help you develop a strong online brand, and help people to understand your services.

Here are 3 ways you can use video marketing:

5.1. Build Customer Rapport:

You can use videos to present information about your services, your brand, or products. With new technology, you can now use the internet to introduce people to your brand, and your services. You can use videos to show people how to use your services, how to apply your products or learn about your brand. You can even use video testimonials. Videos can even be used for training, to show people how to apply your brand of service, or how to properly fix your products.

5.2. Promote Your Brand:

You can promote your brand by building customer rapport, and then distributing your videos in different places across the web. The content you create, the content people watch, and the products you offer should be complementary. You should not try to overwhelm people with options. Using a well-planned video marketing plan will allow you to showcase your product in a logical fashion, without overwhelming people. In the end, you want them to watch your videos, think about your brand, and want to purchase your products.

5.3. Develop A Brand:

Your brand will become more real when you can help people get to know you. You can use videos to promote your brand, and you can also use videos to introduce new products, services or business models. It can also be used to show product use, and to show the history of your business. These videos can help people to develop a familiarity with your brand, and your products. You can even use video testimonials.

It can be extremely beneficial to the success of your business or service. By using video marketing, you will be able to show your audience the value of your services, and your brand.

6- Your Website Design:

Internet Marketing Solutions web design

Web design is an important factor of any business that is trying to expand. The design is the face of your business. Not only is it what your viewers see, but it is also what others see.

You can build your website either by using Free CRM like WordPress and costimize it using free or paid elegant themes or by using funnels builders like BuilderAll, GrooveFunnels or ClickFunnels (Free 14 day trial here).

There are also a number of things you can do to enhance the effectiveness of your site.

This section gives a few tips on what you can do to make your website more effective.

  • Provide your sites title tag with keywords related to your content. This way, Googlebots natural reading cues will make it easier for it to index your site.
  • Many marketers do not realize how important the place of social media buttons can be. Without them, search engines cant index your site. Google will then give your site a lower ranking. So the rule of thumb is to always put social media buttons in the right places.
  • Have your site’s URL in the footer and title tag with the keywords related to your site.
  • Add relevante and beautiful images.

The way it works is, any visitor who comes to your site by typing in your site’s URL will then be directed to the landing page. Your link can help your site up your rank in the SERPs and you can get lots of social sharing.

  • Do not hide your site’s URL in meta descriptions. Your site’s URL will be displayed right away in meta descriptions.
  • Place your site’s URL in the main heading.

There are two reasons why. The first reason is that when a search engine crawls your site, the site’s URL will be in the main heading so that it can see your site. The second reason is that search engines like Google are programmed to read the main heading as well as your site’s URL. They do not read individual words. So if you have your site’s URL in the heading, search engine sees it.

  • Have keywords in your site’s URL and title tag as well as in the heading. The idea is that the keywords in your site’s URL will be highlighted. The same goes for the title tag.

For example, have your site’s URL have the keyword “green” and your site’s title tag have “Green – make your site appear fashionable”. This will highlight your site’s URL and title tag. It will also help your site appear in the SERPs.

You can find resources on how to build a beautiful website on wordpress in this post: 8 reasons why I switched my blog hosting to NameHero

Final Thoughts

Finally I think that I did my best to resume the 6 internet marketing solutions and Strategies that I think are essential to launch your online business. you can use the ideas of this post to boost your online business and get more success on the internet. I think also that the best thing to do is to study each one of this solutions more deeply and follow the tips I provided in the points I listed above.

Most of the links in this post are linked to my others post reviews to read more about the subject and the rest are linked to the products (affiliate links) I consider highly recommanded considering the high value provided there.

What did you think? Have you had any experience with internet marketing? Do you have anything to share about YOUR current experience? Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

Hope this can help! Wish you nothing but success!

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