5 Reasons Why You Need a Website

5 Reasons Why You Need a Website

If you’re a small business owner and you want to launch your startup online here is 5 Reasons Why You Need a Website.

Also, if you have a freelance work and you want to make the best impact online. You definetly need a website and Here’s why.

1. An Online Profile To Save Money

5 Reasons Why You Need a Website

Instead of spending your money on printing brochures and flyers and on all the stuffs related you can list all your services and products in one website which will make it easy for you to update your existing customers on what’s new and to be contacted directly.
Of course you can always connect your website to all your social profiles and pages. So you can engage with your followers on social media and when they need to know more redirect them to your website, the home base for all your work.

2. Attract More Customers

5 Reasons Why You Need a Website - Attract More Customers

The number of the internet users is growing every millisecond and right now the majority of the world population has access to the internet.
So if you don’t have a website in which you can present your business, you automatically miss out a huge part of customers and you leave money in the table. it’s a real fact.

3. Build Credibility and Business Value

To increase your business value in your existing and potential customers eyes you need to build trust and for this you have to have your own website hosted on the servers of reliable webhosting company.
Then your website need to have the following pages to build this trust:

-Terms and Conditions
-Privacy policy
-Affiliate Disclaimer
-Contact Us page with a valid email address.
if you don’t know how to do this you can use these free page generators:

Terms and Conditions Generator
Privacy policy Generator
Affiliate Disclaimer Generator
Like this your business will get more credibility and legitimacy which will help your business to grow rapidly.

4. Increase Your Influence

5 Reasons Why You Need a Website - Increase Your Influence

Having your own website allows you to share your vision about different things related to your expertise field, it’s allows you also to provide the description and more details about your services and products and how they can help people to find solutions to their problems and this will make you as an expert in the eyes of your website visitors which is very good for you and your business.

5. Marketing

5 Reasons Why You Need a Website - marketing

Now that the internet has broke all the global walls, a new world of marketing is born, having a website now can help you attract new customers from all the entire world. you can easily market your services or products to all the world population and the potentiel to sell your product is huge.

Finally, I have to add some advices which i think are very important to know especially for beginners:

-Choosing the right hosting provider for your website is very important because this can influence the load speed of your website and this have great impact on Your Google raking Factors, for this I recommand NameHero, I think it’s the best.

-To get traffic to your website you have to know some SEO technics (You can found good info on youtube).

-Attracting traffic to your website using seo technics can be very easy or very difficult depending on the niche you are in ( there is niches which are very very competitive) so choosing the right niche is crucial.

– Using paid traffic can be a good solution to sell more of your products if used correctly.

-You have to monitize your website and for this you can join programs like Adsense, Amazon or Admitad. you can also check out our Top 10 best affiliate programs and choose the program you think is relevant to your business.

-Do not use Paid traffic until you know how to install Facebook and Google Pixels and How to use retargeting.

-Do not Use Paid traffic until you know how to add pop up and widget to collect Your Visitors emails into your autoresponders.

-Connect your website to as many social media possible.

-Build Backlinks to your website.

I think this is the most importantes things to do.

This is my personal opinion, other people may say different stuff [OK]

I think that there is a con for avery pro  and a pro for every con, So…

Please add your remarks and thoughts in the comment section.
If you need help with something feel free to contact me using the email in the contact us page.
Hope this can help!

Wish you nothing but success!

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  1. Thank you for your advice. I have been training a little with Groove and olsp, partner with anthony and another email every day site i think connected to anthony, PAW. I really want my own website to market farmasi beauty products and all the affiliate products I promote as well. Does that sound like a good plan to you? I neeed to start earning fast, I am umemployed and want to get paid to work from home doing what I love! But it seems like I get stuck on every step! ugg

    1. Thank you for your interest on my post! feel free to browse my blog there is so much good products to promote hich can help you make a good living! I will be happy to help if you have any question. wish you nothing but success!

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