OLSP System Review | is The OLSP Academy legit or a scam?

OLSP System Review

To begin with, I would like to point out that I am member of the OLSP system for more than 1 year now and that I wrote this review only after actively using the system.

Internet Business is a flourishing entrepreneurial streak that promises flexibility, sustainability, and steady cash flow if set up correctly. Every day, thousands of people try to start their online businesses but the sad reality is, only but a handful manage to beat the odds and set up strong and successful long-term businesses that can rack in substantial income. Why is that?

When it comes to launching or growing your online business, the process may be frustrating and overwhelming. Several formulas and tips have been advanced that it seems you would have to scroll through tonnes of repetitive articles and watch hours of tutorials before you actually got to understand the how, when and what needed to be done.

However, with The One Lead System Pixel (OLSP System) you can quickly garner the requisite knowledge and develop a formidable skill set that will help you successfully market your products or services online, in a matter of weeks!

The OLSP System is a vast training hub that teaches you the ins and outs of how to generate enough traffic to your web pages and have maximum sales conversions. The wealth of knowledge availed to its members on the OLSP Facebook group is beneficial to both gurus and those new to the internet marketing landscape. With the OLSP system you get to learn, train, and connect widely with other like-minded people, for effective traffic domination and conversion optimization.

If you are wondering where to begin, OLSP may just be the one-stop-shop for all your inquiries and training. The team offers you a helping hand with tested and proven methods that guarantee amazing results.

On the new update of the OLSP system (november 2021), the system give you now a FREE funnel to promote the system, This funnel can be dowloaded to your account with clicks of the mouse. To get your affiliate Mega link. All you have to do is follow the easy steps explained in the trainings avalaible on the members area.

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1. A Sense of Community

When you first join the OLSP Facebook group as a member, you will notice the warmth, respect, and teamwork that you will meet. Just scroll down the group wall and be amazed at how well members look to help one another by asking and responding to each other’s questions, giving further guidance, and celebrating each other’s success. Indeed, Teamwork makes the Dreamwork and this is true with OLSP.

In the OLSP community, you never walk alone as there are people around you willing to assist and participate in your progress. Open and frank communication is encouraged and prompt response is always guaranteed. Once you sign up, you are immediately assigned to a mentor. This is the individual to who you can target all your questions and seek clarity where uncertain. Mentors help track your progress and are usually flexible for dialogue on Facebook or Skype Calls – if you so wish.

2. Top Tier Training

This is practically the best part of being part of this community. You get access to dozens of training materials that introduce, expound, and point you to practical solutions for your online business needs. You have unrestricted access to 9 units each with several videos that aim to educate and thoroughly train you in the various tools and methods you can employ. Topics such as Building an Email List, Earning Commissions without Selling, Attraction Marketing Training, and Traffic Hacks are some of the units covered in this elaborate guide.

These units have a very practical approach to common problems faced on the internet landscape and give an actual recommendation of tools/packages that can be used to address them. This material is ever updated to ensure that it incorporates new and more effective methods in the current online market. They can be covered at one’s own pace and schedule.

Additionally, the trainers frequently host live training and a weekly Q&A session every Friday for its members.

3. All OLSP system training is FREE of charge

Talk about serious perks! Especially if you are starting and don’t have the capital to invest in a training course or products to help you grow. The system is designed to profit individuals in every way possible using the assembled tools.

With such an elaborate and massive training resource developed from years of learning and experience of the trainers, you would think you would have to cough up a few thousands of dollars for this gem. However, the OLSP system comes completely free of charge! The OLSP System website, where all training material is posted, is easily accessible. You simply request to join, fill in your bio information and you’re request is accepted. How great is that!

4. Earn Commissions with the OLSP system

4.1. OLSP monthly competition:

The OLSP team looks to incentivize application and rewards the hardworking and consistent. Not only do you profit from the training, but you get to put this knowledge into practice by participating in the OLSP monthly challenge. The challenge is designed to reward those who generate the most leads and have the most conversion on various products offered by the OLSP team. For transparency, the results are displayed on the main leaderboard and the 10 top individuals win 3000 dollars in total.

olsp system review legit

4.2. Promoting the OLSP System:

Usually, when you send people to a marketer product, you will make one sale but they make all the future commissions.

The OLSP system change that and change the way this works and allows you to make commissions from all the purchases made by the persons you bring to the system.

you have just to invite people to the OLSP system using only one link called the OLSP MEGALINK.

To unlock your MEGALINK you have only to sign up to the system on the official olsp optin page and follow the steps. 

Everything is explained on the inside of the system, you have just to access your member area using the credentials sent to you (Make sure to check your inbox/spam box to find them) and to watch the trainings provided to learn more about this amazing system.

olsp system review legit 02

Now, The OLSP team launch products On W+, JVZOO, high ticket coaching several times on every month and every every single sale that happens you make commission. How awesome is that? tell me what you think about that in the comment below!

Obviously, the OLSP system Is 100% legit and trustworthy and it is the best affiliate program I had ever join. Now, if you still skeptical here is below a screen shot of the commissions I made on the system.

OLSP System Review is it legit or a scam

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Here is a screen shot of one of the commission I  made on the OLSP system sent to my Paypal account

olsp system review 3

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5. Promptness and Efficiency

The OLSP system is designed with great efficiency in mind. All players endeavor to ensure timely and consistent information, announcements, and general guidance to members. Arguably, the system thrives on transparency and unity of thought. The group’s purpose is continually re-echoed and members guided on how to take full advantage of all the features and benefits of the system.

As an additional precaution to minimize any clutter and sidetracking from parties, comments are temporarily queued and reviewed by administrators before being posted on the group page. Members stand guided by 3 rules that facilitate productivity and healthy networking within the group.

Further benefits of the OLSP system include a well laid out structure that is user friendly and easy to navigate, high morale among members, and great interaction and participation forums availed.


The OLSP system is by far the leading system of its kind. Its commitment to offer in-depth material on various tools, strategies is unwavering. From the teamwork to the enormous free training, the OLSP team promises the moon and stars and delivers on the same. This is no trial and error but a carefully crafted system for all your online business needs.

This why I putted the OLSP system in the first position of my top 10 Best Affiliate Programs.

I put also below a link to a free training on how to use for free the OLSP site, the free training and our free group! There is no catch, simply watch this training and you can get start by the end of the training 100% free.

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3 thoughts on “OLSP System Review | is The OLSP Academy legit or a scam?”

  1. I am a Traffic Dominator (part of the Group). I started with different programs and systems and found them lacking in some form. I joined OLSP as a newbie and found the training to be phenomenal, and more that you honestly get support from the FB group in the best way. You also have a mentor allocated to you and this is the best for me. Great way to earn and learn.

    1. Thanks for your awesome feedback! I’m glad you found the OLSP system useful and educative! wish you all the best and high conversion rate!

  2. I use olsp for free! I don’t receive a lot of email! How can someone force you to buy something you don’t like! support are great and always responsive! I made money with them so the program work! everything is explained on videos! I’m sorry my friend but if you don’t have time to watch the videos and learn how the system work. it’s not their problem it’s yours! Good luck!

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