Top Secrets to Building Your Mailing List Fast

Top Secrets to Building Your Mailing List Fast

Do you run banner ads on other websites or do other online marketing methods to lead people to your website? If so, your approach to Internet marketing is not on the right path and you are missing out on the best money making opportunity.

The people who first started Internet marketing were previously offline marketers who were already successful in their respective niches through direct marketing. Quite simply, direct marketing is marketing through newspaper ads, flyers, catalogs, mails and others.

If you were to ask any successful Internet marketers what is the main ingredient you need to achieve the same level of success as them, they will all tell you it is the ‘list.’ In the context of online marketing, it is the email addresses of people who have opt-in for your free stuff such as eBook, report, article or newsletter.

The bigger your list grows, the more targeted audience you could market to for a long time to come. On the other hand, if you are not building a list, you are wasting your time and effort. If you look from a broader perspective, making just one sale per customer is not what you should be contented with.

The initial goal of a lucrative website is to get its targeted visitors who may be interested in the products or service being marketed, to fill in their email addresses. Why? This is simply because most first time visitors will not buy what they saw online for the very first time. Surely, you would rather prefer to have repeat customers for life than to have one-time customers.

If you want to turn your subscribers to be your loyal customers, you have to communicate with them from time to time via follow-up emails. The follow-up emails need not always be selling something. You could share stories about your life experiences with them as though they are your buddies. You could also give them helpful information occasionally. The key is to establish some kind of connection with them and earn their trust. Most people rarely think twice about buying from people or businesses they trust, and trust cannot be earned from just one or two email communications.

Try branding yourself like Nike, Pepsi-Cola or Walmart. You know what you are getting when you buy from them. Incidentally, have you come across anyone who only bought one Pepsi-cola or shopped at Walmart once and never gone back there? Hardly any, right?

The newsletter you sent to your mailing list is to let your subscribers know what is your business really about and also for them to decide whether or not they should buy from you. A word of caution though, never try to sell them crappy stuff even once. Besides the refund they would seek from you, they will also never buy from you again.

You should send people to your email autoresponder rather than directly to your website. Tag your newsletter or website and add a link to your website on your autoresponder. Though your website may be set up to capture the emails of your visitors, this will help to boost the number of subscribers to your mailing list faster. This will also allow you to capture their email addresses before you redirect them to your website. Further more, your subscribers have the option to unsubscribe from your list at any time they choose by just clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email.

Nowadays, most successful Internet marketers have at least 50,000 subscribers on their lists, which they built over time. And they could easily make lots of money each time they perform an email blast of a new offer to their lists.

If you want to boost your profit in the long-term, you have to keep building and growing your list. But do not expect to make lots of money just after a month or two of starting your online business. You could, if already you have a large list, but most people could not achieve that.

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