NameHero is a web company concerned with providing various website options. I highly rate this company as it provides great support, and it is very reliable. NameHero is the way to go!

Here are several reasons NameHero hosting is the best option.

Reason 1 – NameHero Time Consciousness

I like loading my pages at an instant and delivering on time, NameHero company has me covered. NameHero is faster compared to other web hosting groups. They achieve this through regular and constant software and hardware upgrades.

For example, they use SSD drives that are the fastest in cloud and other shared platforms for hosting.

Here is below a screenshot of my website speed test on GTMetrix (you can test my website by yourself)

Reason 2 – No Charge on Backups

As a website owner loss and corruption of data and information always gives me chills. A lot of time and resources will be lost in trying to create the information afresh. This should no longer give you sleepless nights as NameHero provides backup for all information provided in your wed. More so, the backups charges are at zero, yes zero cost incurred for restoring lost data on your website

Reason 3 – Affordable Prices

I lay emphasis on acquiring affordable hosting companies that will not strain my pockets. Pricing is not among the major factors when choosing a hosting company but one should take NameHero that delivers on price. It is among low pricing companies that does not compromise on quality delivery.

For example, they charge $2.69/month for a starter cloud plan detail, which comes with:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • FREE & Auto SSL
  • FREE Website Migrations
  • FREE LiteSpeed.


Reason 4 – Reliable and Fast Chat Rooms

NameHero Responds in less than 5 minutes to questions and problems posted in their live chat support system. The responder of your chat addresses your query fully without having to refer you to somewhere else and in the shortest time possible unlike other websites that take as long as a whole week to get back to a client.


Reason 5 – Incredible Services for Clients

Working with NameHero is more than satisfying as their staff are well trained and highly skilled to address all arising issues with utmost professionalism and minimal time. You’re experiencing any difficulties? NameHero provides base articles to educate customers on ways to be the best webmasters. I like timely responses, and NameHero has me covered unlike other websites like FatCow that take eternity to respond.

Reason 6 – Fast Response to Tickets

When live chat cannot fully address your question, I prefer sending a ticket for experts to look into it. I have had terrible experience with other hosting companies where they take weeks to resolve on a ticket and it cost me a lot from loss of clients and hefty profit reduction. On average NameHero respond within 15 to 30 minutes.

Reason 7 – High-End Security Services

Hackers are gradually improving their skills by sending a million of requests which gradually slow your system and eventually lead to it shutting down. NameHero has numerous innovations that detect over 90% of these attacks and solve them automatically. Imagine while enjoying the warmth of your bed NameHero is suffocating hackers on your website.

Reason 8 – Fast Response to Calls

There are times I cannot send my questions through ticket or by live chat so I opt for calling. Again, NameHero never disappoints, the few times I have called them I only have to wait for two to three minutes to get connected on the other end. One on one conversation is best as clarification and answers are in an instance.

Final Thoughts

I highly rate NameHero and my enormous love for the site is quite evident. They have a number of plan details that you can choose from depending on what you can afford, and they help you scale higher heights like dedicated servers and VPS.

Click here to get started with NameHero

What did you think? Have you had any experience with NameHero? Do you have anything to share about YOUR current hosting company? Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.


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