Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Resources

Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Resources

Affiliate marketers are compelled to continually change their marketing techniques thanks to the numerous Google algorithm updates over the recent years. Affiliate websites with low-quality content no longer have high rankings on search engines.

However, with the right approach and emphasis made on user experience, affiliate marketing can still be an effective way for marketers, blog and website owners to earn cash. Here are resources you will find useful:

Amazon Associates

This is an affiliate marketing tool developed by Amazon to help publishers choose from a selection of digital and physical products. The platform also provides social media tools, different types of banners and widgets, advanced product linking you can use on your website. You may find the commissions a little lower than other networks, but Amazon Associates does not skimp on quality.


This affiliate network connects vendors and publishers from all over the world. It has its tracking and payment system and is ideal for both experienced and beginners. After signing up, users access the LinkShare dashboard, which provides statistical information to help monitor the performance of the affiliate advertising campaign.


This tool comes in handy to marketers looking to drive traffic to their websites. Zemanta begins by indexing and aggregating content for multiple ad formats, including in-stream ads, sponsored content, and promoted recommendations.

Then, it tests creativity and bids to ensure you meet the ROI for your content marketing objectives. Zemanta also provides an unlimited supply of campaign reporting metrics displayed on a centralized dashboard. The tool attracts a traffic of 195 million visitors each month, so you are confident to maximize your views and reach the relevant audience.

Commission Junction

The company is one of the largest affiliate networks around the world. It was recently rebranded to CJ Affiliate, introducing a host of new features. Once you sign up, you get to access thousands of digital products to help advertise your website and earn commissions.

However, you need to choose the products carefully as there are some poor-quality products in selection. The affiliate network provides a range of handy publisher tools, including affiliate reporting, search, and product widgets.


This affiliate marketing tool is specially designed for marketers using WordPress. It uses simple and effective affiliate marketing plugins to help monetize your blog or website. Tools like Auto-linker allow users to monetize past and future content and connect keywords with affiliate links throughout the blog.

The tool also allows users to import affiliate links from Amazon, identify unsightly affiliate links using the site’s URL and locate the target audience using a Geo-location feature. Its Google click tracking feature detects affiliate links automatically and adds Google Analytics Event to those links.


This affiliate marketing tool boasts 100 billion recommendations per month, making it a rival leader in native content advertising. Revcontent offers demographic, contextual, geographic, and site-specific targeting options. It has the best performing native ad network for sites like CBS Local, Forbes, E!, NBC News, among others.

A distinctive factor with RevContenet is that it uses a fully responsive widget and unlimited customization of APIs. Brand advertisers find RevContent, the best premium publisher with the closed native network offering maximum control and transparency.

Digital River

The tool deals with software products and other digital goods offering high conversion rates. It has an affiliate marketing component called One Network Direct platform, which is designed for publishers who advertise digital products. Popular software vendors using Digital River include PC Tools, Kaspersky Labs, Webroot, to mention a few.

Affiliates also get to use a range of tools, including API tracking and trial tracker conversion monitoring software. The features ensure publishers are paid for clicks made on their ads when a full version of a trial program is purchased.


This affiliate marketing tool is ideal for social media marketers and those with their websites. It provides some generous sometimes as high as 75%. Also, users earn commissions on products purchased by buyers clicking on their referral links.

Google Adsense

It is not an affiliate platform perse, but it is a handy resource for affiliate marketers. Publishers don’t have much control over which ads are displayed on the website, thus installing Google AdSense on their websites helps monetize their website to some extent. Google AdSense will display context-relevant ads based on the content of that page, and you are paid every time a visitor clicks on the ads.

For more details visit: Google Adsense


When looking for a reliable affiliate marketing resource you want a tool that can take your business to the highest level. However, publishers can’t solely rely on these tools, they need to spend time crafting compelling content, optimizing campaigns and tracking engagement.

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Wish you nothing but success!


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