ConversioBot Review | Best Ai Chatbot To Explode Convertions Of Any Website

Conversio Bot Review

Do you have a blog or website page and you are struggling to convert your visitors into leads and sales? There is good news for you. Shortly, about 85% of customer interactions will not be done by humans, due to the emergence of a powerful Artificial Intelligence technology, Chatbots. Chatbots are popular in the major news channels including Foxnews and CNN.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the chatbox will be the pillar of Facebook’s success in the next decade. Billion-dollar companies are using chatbots, but how can the average blog or website owner use this powerful Artificial Intelligence technology without it being a Billion-dollar technology giant? The future of website conversion has finally been presented to you by ConversioBot. You will not spend thousands of dollars hiring chat agents or programmers. This article will give you a review of the Conversio Bot. Let’s dive in.

What is Conversio Bot?

Conversio Bot Review

ConversioBot is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence chatbot technology designed to assist website and blog owners to convert their visitors into leads and sales. In simpler terms, a Conversio Bot is just like a messenger that a website owner installs to help increase conversions on their sites.

CoversionBot allows you to create chatbots in less time with their fully customized chatbot templates that are included in the product package or by designing your chatbot with a simple copy and paste interface.

It is easy to install your chatbox into your website or blog page by uploading the plugin into the WordPress dash, then install a line of code. The instructions for installation are very clear and stepwise.

Who is ConversioBot designed for?

ConversioBot was designed for anyone who owns a website or blog and wishes to convert his/her visitors into subscribers, leads and sales. This is the only chatbot created for small business owners who wish to build an email list faster and exploit sales with a single line of code.

Copy the code from the dashbord of ConversioBot

Conversio Bot Review

Then paste it in your wordpress website like shown below

Conversio Bot Review

Conversiobot can be also integrated with a couple of clicks to the most popular autoresponders such as GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp and Sendlane.

This technology works for websites including;

Ecommerce websites
– List building pages
– Affiliate review sites
WordPress blogs
– Webinar registration pages
-Local business sites
– Sales letters
– Consultancy websites
– Local business sites

Therefore ConversioBot can be used by:
Affiliate marketers
– Local business owners
Small business owners
– eCommerce shop owners.

If you are trying to grow and improve your subscriber list for additional sales, ConversioBot is what you are looking for.

Conversio Bot Review

Who are the founders and why should they be trusted?

ConversioBot is a software designed to create a chatbot and was developed by Imran and Simon Wood. This product has been designed to offer a breakthrough over the competition that webmasters usually experience. The founders aim to provide an affordable product for their customers. Conversio Bot has received many reviews from customers whose websites have improved since they started using Conversio Bot.

For instance, a single line of code from conversioBot automatically added 6386 sales for clickbank accounts in only six months. It also built them massive email accounts of 11643 subscribers in just one week. This chatbot also exploited the clickbank conversion rate by 198% in just six hours.

It is not just about Clickbank. Some of the famous vendors and affiliates on JVZOO and ClickBank have already used this advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. Like Rich Williams confessed to having elevated his sales by 177% in just two days. Chris X built an email list of approximately 1981 buyers in just four days.

These testimonies are enough proof that with Conversiobot, you can grow your small business to a new level through its ease of use and affordability. The revolutionary technology is reliable since no website maintenance is required. Moreover, no training is required and it can be used by most, if not all websites. The founders of this incredible technology wanted to design an exhaustive as well as an effectively equipped online platform that improves the efficiency and accessibility of the platform

How does Conversiobot work?

The platform is easy to use. You just copy and paste a simple line of code on your page OR or either upload and then install the ConversioBot WordPress plugin and sit back and observe as your business booms.

How to set up ConversioBot Chatbot?

Conversio Bot Review

Below is a step by step procedure for setting up your chatbot:

– After buying your ConversioBot, log into its dashboard.
– When logged in, you will find a list of “active products” for you.
– The items or rather products with a green indicator are those that come with ConversioBot.

– To set up your chatbot choose a template. Log in to your dashboard and then click the chatbot templates.

– After clicking your chatbot templates, you will find a list of templates in different categories of your chatbot templates.

1. Social shares
2. Affiliate
3. Feedback
4. Discount
5. Lead generation

– Select your preferred template according to the business category you own. Before you select your template, look into the ConversioBot demo template for a better understanding.

– After you have picked your preferred template, start customizing it.

– The first step when customizing your template is to add a conversation flow in your chatbot builder.

– Add content into the white boxes, to add your custom conversation flow.

– Understand how much content you will add and then customize your conversation. Ensure you fill all the boxes for a smooth flow.

– After you are done, integrate the chatbot with the email-auto-responder to compile email leads.

– And that is it. The chatbot is ready and it will communicate with each person that accesses your site. It will do all the selling even when you are not present.

What are the types of chatbots that you can design with Conversiobot?

Conversio Bot Review

– The full-page. This bot utilizes the whole screen.
– The widget bot. It pops up at the bottom corner of the website.
– The exit bot. This bot shows up when the visitor leaves the website page.
– The embedded bot. This bot can be embedded inside your post, similar to a youtube video.

Click here to see the ConversioBot Ai ChatBot in action 

What you will like about ConversioBot?

Conversio Bot Review

– ConversioBot is extremely easy to use. You will be surprised at how simple it is to use Conversiobot, that is to customize and even install it onto your website.

-There are no unique skills required for you to profit from this product.

– ConversioBot is designed for newbies.

– Moreover, you can set several questions and ask your clients what they would love. Then set a link that will correspond with the answers.

– Another advantage with Conversiobot is that you can lead customers through various questions on how you can give them better services.

Below are scenario under which Conversiobot will be very useful to you:

– A social media marketer who wants to extend his or her conversions outside of Facebook.
– A website or blog owner with the desire to rapidly build a list of emails.
– For an eCommerce seller in need of more sales.
– For a video marketer, this is an innovative way to explode subscribers.
– A consultant looking for proven strategies for customers.
– If you are a vendor that is in the search of cutting-edge benefits over competitors.
– For a freelancer who wants more customers.

What you will not like about this product?

– The number of upsells when you purchase your initial product.

– At the moment, this software does not match Facebook and the bots are only limited to websites and blog pages.

– Sometimes it can take over 48 hours for the customer service team to respond to your queries.

What is the price of ConversioBot?

ConversioBot comes at an affordable price. Below are details involved in the purchase of your ConversioBot such as OTO among others.

– ConversioBot PRO- The Main Chatbot App @ around $37.
– The chatbot templates have been done for you.
– It is easy to integrate your chatbot with your best email auto-responders.
– The product has user-friendly data analytics ideal for a novice.
– You get a commercial license to sell the chatbots to your customers
– It features a custom copy and paste chatbot builder with your Conversio Bot.
– The product comes with a step-by-step guide on how to use your conversio Bot chatbots.

– UPSELL 1: The product is done for you PRO @ around $97.

There is nothing to worry about since no one will force you to buy the ConversioBot upsells.


– 75 of your chatbots are done in all categories. You pick the chatbot that matches your category or rather your site and then customize it.
– Additionally, you receive three chatbot templates for free every month.

UPSELL 2: Your Auto-chat Builder @ around $47


– You form chatbots automatically by just filling out a survey.
– To form a chatbot for your clients, just send a survey form to them and then form and customize your chatbot as per the data in the survey form.
– This is perfect for companies and agencies since it will save them some precious time.

UPSELL3: The Conversio Bot Extreme @ around $67


– This is the exit bot that shows up when your visitors exit your web page.
– The full-page bot will cover your whole screen.
– This is also the embedded bot that will be embedded inside your post, similar to a youtube video.
– Also, a delayed chatbot will pop up after a given time.

UPSELL 4: The Conversio Bot Agency License @ around $87


– You get ConversioBot with step-by-step instructions on how you can sell ConversioBot Chatbots for over $300.
– Get a perfectly designed portfolio that will showcase and impress customers.
– This is an ideal upsell if you would like to make a solid income through selling already done chatbots.


1. Do I need to Install ConversioBot on my computer?

The answer is no. Conversio Bot is a cloud-based software with typically 99.99% uptime. Just log in and you will be able to access your software from any device and from anywhere.

2. Is training included and is it easy to use this software?

The answer is yes. The creators have designed ConversioBot to be just a point-and-click, it is that simple. You will launch your chatbot with only three simple steps and within a few minutes. The creators have provided tutorial videos for their customers and they are easy to watch.

3. Can I get Done-For-You chatbots?

You can get immediate access to high-converting Artificial Intelligence templates that are spread across numerous categories and niches. They are created to make you more engaged for your leads, sales as well as profit.

4. How many chatbots can I create?

The good news is that you can create as many chatbots as you wish for your blog or website. Your product package includes a multi-site license, your unique launch bonus.

5. Do I pay any monthly fees?

The good news is that you do not pay any subscription charges or any hidden fees. You use the product for a one-time fee. This is a Launch special but monthly charges will shortly.


ConversioBot is your chatbot builder that assists business owners to convert traffic into leads and sales to bring more profit. This cloud software is easy to use and helps you to design and customize your chatbox for a special unique customer experience. Moreover, the software is 100% user-friendly and easily integrated into sales funnels.

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