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Where to launch a product

Where to launch a product? Launching a new product is exciting for any business. Whether it involves adding a product to an existing line or launching the first product, a company gets abuzz as thoughts of instant success abound.

However, the success of a product launch is only as good as the tool it uses to get the word out. Not so long ago, selling and launching products was challenging for the average webmaster. Plug and play payment forms had not been developed for users to provide payment information. Also, one-tap payment gateway applications were not available.

Today, product launches have become somewhat easier given the numerous digital marketing tools developed over the last decade. The introduction of shopping cart software allows companies to set up automation within a short time and leverage on the high-converting check out pages. So, Where To Launch A Product? To help you with this. Here is the list of the best softwares and platforms out there to launch your products online easily and successfully.

1. Where to launch a digital product

1.1. Paykickstart

Where to launch a product Paykickstart

The software was developed in 2014 by two online marketers- Matt Callen and Mark Thompson. Paykickstart is a web-based shopping cart and affiliate software that allows users to sell digital and physical products online.

The tool supports different pricing models, including recurring subscriptions, one-time payments, and free/paid trials. It also allows users to add subscription saver sequences, conversion boosters such as one-click upsells, coupons, and order bumps.

Marketers looking to boost their sales exponentially can also use its integrated affiliate management system. The feature enables marketers to recruit affiliates to help sell products.

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1.2. Systeme.io

top 10 best affiliate program systeme

Systeme.io is an all-inclusive e-commerce and marketing software that helps marketers centralize their operations. Systeme include sales funnel software (the platform that enables marketers to convert visitors to customers) product.

Initially, the founders, Aurélien Amacker, developed the software to help their business. Later they discovered they could launch it for commercial use and marketed it on large-scale. What makes Systeme different from other marketing software it allows you to connect to all your pages simultaneously.

It has a ‘My Funnels’ icon that allows marketers to create and connect to different pages of the business. As such, you can monitor email subscriptions, thank you pages, and sales. Also, you can set upsells and down-sells just as a professional product selling page. All the pages have a responsive layout letting you make changes quickly.

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1.3. ThriveCart

Where to launch a product thrivecart

The software is an excellent sales cart option for online course creators and e-commerce businesses who want to establish upsells, downsells, and monthly subscriptions efficiently. ThriveCart works seamlessly with other online course platforms letting you sell e-books from your blog.

What’s more, users can customize the checkout page to ensure as much information about the customer is collected. This is a major bonus for online marketers given that third-party cart pages lead to higher conversions than default checkout pages. Other features that make ThriveCart software stand out include:

Click offers: The software provides users with two options; to use their custom pages or its default upsell offer page. Custom upsell pages give you more control over design features of your page
Bump offers: It’s an easy add-on feature you can integrate into any of your products
Embeddable checkout carts: With ThriveCart, you can set up carts on your site in two ways. You can use the embeddable checkout cart feature that provides a code you can paste on the web page. Alternatively, you can use the Popup checkout cart that directs a potential customer to an icon that when clicked causes the cart to appear instantly
A variety of integrations: it is essential to add your high-paying customers to your email list and membership platform. ThriveCart allows a range of integrations for both features
Affiliate tracking IDs: The platform also enables affiliates to create affiliate tracking IDs when selling your product.

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1.4. EnvatoMarket

Where to launch a product Envato-Elements

It is a platform that allows authors to sell licenses to their work. It can be 3D modeling, a code, 2D design, royalty-free photos, music composition, or a web template. EvantoMarket has eight content hubs to choose. You just need to register with the site and take a test to begin uploading the works.

Your work has to meets Envanto’s quality checks to be listed for sale. Usually, the site that 75% from each deal or 50% if you want to sell items on its marketplace exclusively. Your rate increases if you sell content worth $75,000 and above.

The beauty of using this platform is that the content creator has the freedom to set the price. The minimum amount you can set is $12 and you are free to set a higher rate. Additionally, users get the exposure they would hardly get working alone.

You learn how to produce well-designed, professionally coded themes without worry about marketing issues. Another unique feature of this platform is that customers and developers from around the world can interact with like-minded people.

Launch a product Using EnvatoMarket

1.5. Udemy

Where to launch a product Udemy

If you just created an online course and barely know how you will market it, Udemy is your ultimate solution. This online training platform was developed to help people learn skills they would not have due to educational restraints.

The beauty of this platform is that course creators are not restricted to specific topics. You only need to create an instructor profile and upload the courses you have created on the platform. Every time a student buys a course, you earn revenue, usually paid monthly via Payoneer or PayPal.

Udemy splits the money earned 50/50 with the course creator though several factors determine the actual percentage. Creators can also use Udemy’s coupon system, which allows them to keep all the revenue from training courses.

You just don’t create content and wait for students to enroll. Treating the course like a business is vital to earning consistent income. As such you should:

Update the content regularly
Give support and answer questions students may have
Keep students engaged with content
Build an active community around your course.

Launch a product Using Udemy

2. Where to launch a physical product

One of the vilest mistakes a physical product launcher can make is pairing up with an off beam ecommerce platform. Where to launch a product of this kind is crucial. Currently, there are over five hundred different options to choose from. The decision on which platform to partner with is a big one, and you’ll need to hop on several calls with multiple companies before settling on one. Here are some of the renowned platforms that you can launch your physical products on;

2.1. Shopify

Shopify is the most prevalent product launching platform in the world. This is because it’s easy to get your new products up and running fast on the platform. Shopify is popular with upcoming and small brands engaging in small order volumes. Depending on your order volumes and additional features, Shopify charges around twenty-nine dollars to around three hundred dollars monthly, making it the best platform for startups to launch their products on.

Launch a product using Shopify

2.2. BigCommerce

With a wider variety of customization options and built-in features, BigCommerce is appealing to both startups and enterprise-level brands like Natori and Toyota. These features include world leading apps, a variety of inbuilt integrations, top notch uptime, order, and payment fulfillment payments as well as advanced security.

Launch a Product using BigCommerce

2.3. Wix

Wix is the most basic online platform. With up to seventy-two free themes, this ecommerce platform is a no-frills alternative with sufficient features for small scale product launchers to get started and grow their businesses. Wix online store offers you the best online marketing solutions with as low as twenty dollars a month.

Launch a product using Wix

2.4. Volusion

Volusion is an ecommerce platform specifically designed for launching new products in the market. It offers different prices tires to different brands, making it cheap for startups and a little expensive as your brand grows. All tires permit blogging in-site capabilities, creation of discounts as well as a variety of free themes. Volusion online platform charges around fourteen dollars for a mini plan, and around one hundred and forty dollars for a premium level plan.

Launch a Product using Volusion  

2.5. Big Cartel

This is a platform specifically tailored for artists to showcase their work. Big Cartel gives all startups an opportunity to either code their design or customize one of their free themes. Other features of big cartel include inventory tracking services, ability to make use of the custom domain, adding discounts and promos options to specific items and real-time deals stats.

Launch a Product using Big Cartel 

2.6. Selz

This is a fully-functional ecommerce store that enables product launching companies to sell across all channels, including all websites. Selz provides quite several unusual features, such as analytics, third-party integrations, discount codes, bandwidth, and unlimited storage. Their twenty-five-dollar monthly subscription plan gives their users entree to global tax settings, safe delivery of digital files as well as recovery features for recovery of abandoned carts.

Launch a Product using Selz

3. Why would you invest in the above stores?

These are legit stores and are popular worldwide. Launching your products with them can push you up the ladder with no struggle. This is the reason they are well known, and their client is toping the market. Another thing is to make sure you have done your research, do not go by the name. So many people know brand names, and you may think they shop there. Go and get your statistic from what can’t be seen before investing in one.

4. Conclusion

To answer the question, where to launch a product? You have to play your cards well here; you want your product to top the competing product and maintain the position, then go for that store that favors your side, and in the end you get your profit. Check all their deals and compare them with other ecommerce stores. This will take you some time, but you will get what will help your product to sell. Investing in the right online shop goes a long way to ensure that you achieve that significant sale that you’ve been eyeing for the whole year. Different online platforms have various features to offer, and that’s the critical factor to look on when choosing a platform to launch your product on. Go for that store that you will benefit from immensely. Since you want a significant sale at the end of the day, it’s advisable to do your best in research and get what fits you most.

Launching a product online is not a walk in the park. When properly executed, it should be rewarding for you and your business. Paykickstart, Kartra, ThriveCart, are excellent for companies looking to launch both physical and digital products online while Udemy and EnvantoMarket are suitable for marketing digital content like online courses.

Finally, This is all i found about where you can launch a product online. You can also read my article intituled how to launch a new product online. I hope this can help you building a very prosperous business.

Wish you nothing but success!

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