Cheetah Builder Pro for WordPress Review

Cheetah Builder Pro for WordPress review

What is the Cheetah Builder Pro for WordPress?

The Cheetah Builder Pro is the most powerful, complete, and unlimited drag-and-drop easy-to-use website builder for WordPress!

Build unlimited high-converting sales funnels, pages, and beautiful websites in minutes with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop cheetah builder


The Cheetah Builder Pro allows you to see the changes in real-time as you edit your pages! No need to reload or publish anything.

Complete customization:

You have at your disposal several features to make your website even more professional, such as box and text shadows, animations, gradients, slideshow backgrounds, and much more!

Build landing pages:

With Cheetah for WordPress, you can choose whether you want to control and edit only the content area or the entire page. Use Cheetah Canvas mode to build landing pages with no limitations on the margins, sizes, sidebar areas, headers and footers imposed by the theme.

Footers, headers, and popups:

Easily build a footer and header for your entire site or choose for each page whether you want to use a header/footer created in Cheetah, the theme header, or if you don’t want to display headers and footers.

Template library:

The Cheetah Builder Pro Provide a gallery of over 500 professional line templates and page layouts ready to use with 1 click. Sections for the webinar, contact form, price list, testimonials, team, services, and various pages are ready to make your website development process even faster!

Responsiveness is a priority:

There are several settings where you can set individual values ​​for desktop, tablet, and mobile including text size, margins, spacing, and border sizes for example.

Elements and Features of the Cheetah Builder Pro for WordPress:

  • BUTTONS AND BOXES  – Extremely customizable, allows you to add a title, caption, or icon. Creating buttons with gradient backgrounds and with various possibilities in the hover event.
  • TITLES – Give a title to sections of your website and choose the HTML Tag
  • HTML – Insert HTML codes on the page
  • SEPARATOR – Horizontal line separating elements on the page. You can also add an icon or text
  • LISTS –  List of items with text, icons, and link
  • AUDIO – Add audio from the media library or a URL
  • IMAGE AND GALLERIES –  Add images from your media library, from a URL, or use images you already have in your Cheetah Builder media repository with one click!
  • ICONS & SOCIAL ICONS – Select from more than 2000 icons available including Icons for your social media
  • SLIDESHOW – Rotating image carousel
  • TIMERS –  Countdown timer that works based on a deadline or a pre-set amount of time
  • ACCORDION – Expandable content list. Can be used for FAQs and content organization
  • PRICE TABLES – Practical planning presentation display
  • TABS – Create vertical or horizontal tabs
  • TESTIMONIALS – Create a carousel or a grid of testimonies. You can customize everything!
  • POSTS – This element displays a loop of posts or pages on cards
  • MAPS – Show your customers how they can find you
  • COUNTERS AND PROGRESS BARS – Animated numerical counters and progress bars with various settings for you to create a personalized
  • CAROUSEL – Slider that displays images in loop
  • FLOATING BUTTONS – Create your own fixed menu and hovering menu that stays fixed while the visitor scrolls the page
  • SMART POPUPS – Popups that open automatically after scrolling to a specific point, after a certain period of time, or when there is an intention to leave the page
  • MEGA MENUS – A menu with no limits to creation! Drag the elements you want into it
  • COMPLETE EMAIL MARKETING FORMS  – Capture leads, create lists, and send automated campaigns and responses with triggers and tags
  • FLIP BOX – Cards with content that reveal themselves when you hover over them
  • ANIMATED TEXT AND MOTION EFFECT – Dynamic texts, motion effects,s and mouse effects that draw much more attention from the visitor
  • PRICING LIST – Restaurant Menu
  • FACEBOOK APPS – Button, comments, page, video, save and share button
  • GRADIENT TEXT – Useful way to create engaging designs and eye-catching features for your site.

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