9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online

“Why am I not making money online while some people do”! Whenever I reveal my online earnings on my social media platforms, I always come across this frequently asked question. First, I would stand with the truth that making money online is the real deal.

And around 2.5 billion individuals worldwide are familiar with the internet, meaning the number will grow as the technology develops. A good number I included we are earning online either as a side hustle or even a full-time job.

While many people think online is the easiest way to make money in the comfort of your home, a significant percentage of people don’t make anything online. The guide below will explain why you cannot make money online and how you should fix the issues.

1. Your website or blog is too young

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online 1

Generally, making money online is not the easiest thing as many of us take it. It takes someone’s effort, and in some cases, you may be required to spend a little to start earning online. Probably, if your site or a blog is new is one reason online has not started paying you.

When starting an online platform to make money, it would if you first forget about making thousands of dollars in weeks. Consider focus making the website or blog trustful and famous to the audiences.

Off course, clients should know and trust you before they start buying your products and services. In addition, some methods will involve Google monetization, which takes some time based on the traffic you have on your blog or website.

2. A shaky start can lead to calamity

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online 2

Your start matters your entire experience in making money online. Before starting a website or a blog, ask yourself questions like what niche is right for you, which audience you are targeting, what platform you should use ( word press or blogger), and finally, what product or services your audiences will be using and buying.

The answer to these questions might be why you have not yet started making money online. Maybe you are selling your services or products to the wrong audiences, or your niche does not fit your platform. In this case, you will have to make changes based on precisely what your targeted audiences want and what you can offer.

3. You are not using appropriate SEO practices

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online 3

Ranking SEO practices is the key when it comes to making money online. You should adhere to more impressive and excellent SEO tactics to flourish online. Remember, SEO (search engine optimization) is not all about content marketing or keyword research. SEO is also about figuring out what exactly to offer audiences based on their preferences and using the SEO to offer it.

4. You are out of the date

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online 4

When you are out of date, there is no way things will positively work for you when it comes to earning online. Are you past 35? Then this is one reason you are not making money online. Your blog and website should be running on up to date to avoid things going downhill or getting stagnated.

Be active in working with new individuals and get exposure to various ideas based on what you do online. Open new ideas and technologies and look for a better way you can do things to be up over your competitors.

5. Failing to network

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online 5

Networking is a valuable and great tool when perfectly done. Networking is all about social media traffic engagement. You will get more traffic through social media, thus boosting your online visibility. Apart from your website, it would help if you also network with audiences via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

6. You are ignoring email marketing

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online 6

You need to check if your subscribers to your specific email list are not clearly built. This might be another reason you are not earning money through your online business.

For example, if your website is not ranking well, especially in the search engine results, email marketing can help you still earn money while you fix the search engine. In this case, you need to use emails to reach out to audiences interested in your services and products.

Building a reliable email list of individuals who often visit your blog is an excellent way of keeping them close. Through this, they will be notified whenever you have new services, the item offers, etc. Essentially, they will keep bringing their friends to visit your blog or website.

7. You are not patient

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online 7

Patience is a virtue more than being accurate in your website. Working online requires patience before you start earning money. And, to better grasp patience value, keep some scenarios in your mind.

The organic traffic right from the search engine, including Bing and Google, may take to four months to eventually appear on your website. In addition, building traffic on Twitter and Facebook might take some months.

8. You are poorly handling your audiences

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online 8

Whether it is a blog or website you are running online, among others, audiences are your stepping bridge to making money. How is your relationship with your customers? How do you talk to them and solve their complaints after buying your services, by watching videos, reading blogs, or buying products.

Audiences will always have some to say, positive or negative, about how you handle their reviews. Well, audiences should be handled excellently. Automated emails can help to ask your audience questions about your products and services.

You can also use Aweber for free until you hit 500 subscribers for creating good customer relationships. Overall, make it easy for your audiences to subscribe, unsubscribe, contact you, and write reviews.

9. You got an incorrect attitude and one sole purpose ( only to make money)

9 Common Mistakes Why you not Making Money Online 9

This is the number one reason freshers are not making money online. Someone creates a blog or website with one purpose, “make money,” without thinking of what they offer to the audiences and customers.

Basically, your blog or website should have a purpose beyond making money. In this way, you will be focused and able to be creative to offer excellent content and free services for your audiences. This will also encourage you to be persistent.

Final thoughts

I know making money online can be difficult, especially for beginners. Say no more! The above are tips and tricks for why you are not making money online. Now, you know where you are failing; focus on fixing things up to enjoy your online business. Practicing these tips, putting more effort and staying on right lane, chances are money will automatically come your way.

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