Need a small business idea? Here are 20

Need a small business idea Here are 30

Need a small business idea? Here Are 20 Ideas for anyone who wants to run their own business. To start one of the businesses listed below, you don’t need a lot of funding. You need just passion, energy and the drive to succeed. 

Idea N°1: Digital Marketing Manager

-Message a wide range of Instagram influencers and large Facebook pages and create a spreadsheet of prices and audience stats.
-Call and email local business offering to run online marketing campaigns for them
-Take a cut of the money for your service for example 10% of a $5000 campaign
-profit: $78K/year

Idea N°2: AirBnb Rental Arbitrage

-Find an apartment to rent, long term, in a well visited area $1000 per month plus bills $300.
-List apartment on AirBnb. $100 per might. $2400 per month (80% fill rate)
-Repeat with 5 apartments
-Profit: $66K per year

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Business idea N°2: AirBnb Rental Arbitrage
Business idea N°2: AirBnb Rental Arbitrage

Idea N°3: Sell Courses Online

-The online course market is expected to hit $275 billion by 2022!
-Create a series of lecture videos teaching any skill you know well example: using software, playing a game, learning an instrument etc.
-List courses on Udemy and Coursera and earn passive Income example $10/course.
-Profit $69K per year

Business idea N°3: Sell Courses
Business idea N°3: Sell Courses

Idea N°4: Affiliate Marketing

-Choose a niche and create a website or blog with excellent content
-Build up an audience and promote products which relate to your niche.
-Build up a following on YouTube / Facebook / Instagram.
-Sign up to an affiliate site from my list Or to a platform such Clickbank or Amazon and choose a product to promote example: a new computer game
-Earn between 1% to 10% of product revenue for every purchase made from your link.
-Get 1000 People to click on your link every day

Business idea N°4: Affiliate Marketing
Business idea N°4: Affiliate Marketing

Idea N°5: Flipping Websites

-Find websites which are poorly managed and make offers to buy them example -$50 per site
-Fix up the sites, add new content, redesign the Layout, add new backlinks and increase web traffic.
-Advertise and sell the sites on example 1 site per week at +$1000
-Profit: $50K per year

Business Idea N°5: Flipping Websites
Business Idea N°5: Flipping Websites

Idea N°6: Amazon FBA Business

-Pick a product and buy in bulk from China
-Ship product directly to an Amazon Fulfillment Center in your country
-List your product on Amazon and Market / advertise the product
-When your product is purchased Amazon directly deliver to the customer, taking a small cut of the profits for shipping and handling fees
– The 7 steps to starting your Amazon FBA business are:
* Set up your Amazon account
* Pick your products niche
* Engage in product research
* establish your product sourcing
* Establish your brand
* Create your product listings
* Advertise your products

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Business idea N°6: Amazon FBA
Business idea N°6: Amazon FBA

Idea N°7: Graphics Design Jobs

-Set up a profile on and
-Advertise your services designing logos, digital marketing content etc.
-40 hours per week at $20 per hour $800 per week
-Travel the world while earning money online
Profit: $41K per year

Business idea N°7: Graphics Design
Business idea N°7: Graphics Design

Idea N°8: Website Designer Service

-For those of you with an eye for design and a creative flare
Learn some basic programming skills in html (not as hard as you think)
-Over time build up your own base of website designs so you don’t have to start each new one from scratch
-Charge $700 per website.
-Create 2 website per week +$1400 per week
-Profit: $72K per year

Business idea N°8: Website Designer
Business idea N°8: Website Designer

Idea N°9: Social Media Marketing Agency

-Choose a niche example real estate, accounting, e-commerce etc.
-Grow a social media page in chosen niche -$300 per month per page
-Reach out to businesses in chosen niche.
-Offer to grow their social media presence.
-show your page as an example.
-30 customers at $600 per month +$18000 per month
-Profit: $108K per year

Business idea N°9: Social Media Marketing Agency
Business idea N°9: Social Media Marketing Agency

Idea N°10: After School coding class

-Look for local schools who have limited options for programming as a subject
-Run a class teaching kids basic coding after school using a website such as
-Charge $20 per student for a 2 hour class. 10 students / class, 2 class/day
-Profit: $104K per year

Business idea N°10: After School coding class
Business idea N°10: After School coding class

Idea N°11: Resell Books on Amazon

-Use a site like to keep an eye on what prices used books are selling for
-Visit local thrift stores and flea markets and look for books selling below value
-List books on Amazon and make $20 to $100 per book
-Profit: $13K per year (5books/week)

Resell Books on Amazon
Resell Books on Amazon

Idea N°12: Optimizing Website for Mobile

-Search for businesses that have a terrible looking mobile website
-Message each business offering to build a mobile optimized version of their site
-Use to build the mobile optimized version. No experience is required
-Charge a fee for the Upgrade. $900
-Profit: $94K per year for 2sites/week

Optimizing Website for Mobile
Optimizing Website for Mobile

Idea N°13: Improving Websites

-Frequently browse and look for poor performing business websites selling for cheap -$2000
-Employ someone on to fix up website.
-Look into social media marketing to improve traffic etc. -$1000
-Resell web site +$20000
-Profit: $204K per year (1site/month)

Improving Websites
Improving Websites

Idea N°14: Travel Blog

Create a website and social media pages and build up a large, engaged following
-Partner with companies such as AirBnb and
-Earn 35% of the commission for every booking made based on your recommendation
-35 bookings per day at $120 per booking average +$367 per day
Profit: $134K

Travel Blog
Travel Blog

Idea N°15: Online Personal Trainer

-Build up an Instagram page providing free workout programs and meal plans
-Offer paid personalized workout programs and coaching to your followers example $60 per hour
-Say you get just 0.1% of your followers paying for personal training once a week. That’s 40 hours for a 40K page.
-Profit $124K per year

Online Personal Trainer
Online Personal Trainer

Idea N°16: Martial Arts Instructor

-Rent a building suitable to be used as a gym -$5000 per month
-Market yourself at local schools and sports clubs. Hand out flyers. Create a website
-Charge $15 for a 1 hour class. 10 students per class and 4 classes per day
-Profit: $96K per year

Martial Arts Instructor
Martial Arts Instructor

Idea N°17: Boot Camp Business

-Find a local park that is suitable for running and outdoor fitness boot camp
-Market your boot camp at local offices where people may be looking for after work exercise.

-Create a website
-Charge $15 for a 1 hour fitness sessions/day +$600 per day
-Profit: $156K

Boot Camp
Boot Camp

Idea N°18: Gym Locator App

-Create an app to show travellers all nearby gyms which allow single entry passes
-The app lists the single entry price for each gym
-Gyms can add their business to the app in an attempt to gain more customers

Gym Locator App
Gym Locator App

Idea N°19: Gym Supplements Subscription Box

-Buy protein powder, Preworkout etc. In bulk.
-Package products into assorted boxes -$30 worth of supplements per box
-Customers pay +$60 per month for a subscription of gym supplements to be shipped to their door
-Profit: $72K per year for 200 subs

Gym Supplements Subscription Box
Gym Supplements Subscription Box

Idea N°20: Recipes by Ingredients APP

-Create an app where it suggests recipes based on the ingredients you have available in your pantry
-Use a site such as to get app created
-Ad revenues pays +$6 per 1000 ad views. 35K users each viewings 3 ads / day
-Revenue: $229K per year

Recipes by Ingredients APP
Recipes by Ingredients APP

Any Other Business Idea?

So these were our picks for the small business ideas. We hope you found this post to be helpful. Also, do let us know if you already like one of these ideas, and fill us in on your experience with it.

Wish you nothing but success!

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