7 Keys Features To Affiliate Business Success

7 Keys Features To Affiliate Business Success

Affiliate business can be highly profitable if it is properly done. most of the new affiliates think that they can make significant income without any hard work or investement.
I’m against the claim that you can make good affiliate income for free because in my knowledge it’s simply not true. you can make some small commissions but you will reach a point when you will stuck and stagnate.
Affiliate business have to be treated like any other business. you can not open a restaurant without investing money and buying the tables and chairs if you see what I mean.
New affiliates fail largely due to inexperience and the miss understanding of the technology!
Money will never magically appear unless you invest hard work, money and time to learn the affiliate business model.
Everyone telling you the opposite is a liar and everyone trying to sell you a product which make you quick money fast is a scammer! never believe this kind of claims.
Now to help you with this, here are 7 tips to head your affiliate business in the right direction.

1. Build your affiliate business foundation:

affiliate business 1

According to my experience the first thing and the most important to do is building a presence on the internet. to do this you have to build your own website in which you can publish articles and reviews of the products you are promoting.

  • Choose a fast web hosting company and use WordPress to build your website. you can found tonnes of free tutorials on how to do this on youtube.
  • Choose a niche you like and write 15 100% original articles or more and publish them. if you are not a good writer you can hire someone to do it for you on hirewriter, Fiverr or seoclerck.
  • Don’t embed any link in your blog posts.
  • Don’t use copyrighted images.
  • Create the legal pages and publish them! (you can copy mine and do the necessary changes)
  • Send a request to join Google Adsense to monetize your new website!
  • You should be accepted if you do the above steps correctly.

2. Find High Converting Product to Promote:

affiliate business Find High Converting Product to Promote

First of all you have do a keyword research to be sure there is a good demand for the product you want to promote without too much competition.
If you noticed a a high competition then it is better to choose another affiliate product that has enough demand but with less competition.
It is a good practice to know how to identify a good niche and choosing the right product before investing any money or time in the promotions.

3. Focus on one good product:

affiliate business Focus on one good product

To succeed building a succcessful affiliate business of any kind, it is crucial to follow a plan and focus on the tasks involved in this plan. this is why? it’s important to focus in the promotion of one good product and don’t follow the latest get rich quick offering from the different online marketing gurus.
I suggest promoting products which have recurring payment because most of this kind of products are maintained and are realiable businesses offering real solutions to their consumers.
Also this will help you build a passive stream of income for your self!

4. Set Your Affiliate Business Apart

Affiliate Business Apart

Offering some type of bonus that is relevant to a product you promote is a good way to set your affiliate business apart from any other affiliate.
You may also add some value and valuable tips to your review that will help the purchaser get more knowledge about the product.
All you have to do is write a review discussing the things you like about the product and the benefits that the customers that the customers will get after the purchase.
Don’t forget to add your affiliate link and a short call to action explaining how they will get your bonus when they purchase through your link.

5. Create a Squeeze Page:

affiliate business Create a Squeeze Page

Creating a squeeze page or an opt in page on your website is a good strategy to build your email list.
Building an email list of your prospects before sending them to your affiliate offer is crucial in the process of building your affiliate business.
By doing this you can setting up a serie of follow up messages scheduled in your autoresponder to be sent automaticaly giving you more chances of making a sale.
Most of the time you don’t have to write these emails because most of the good affiliate products provide a serie of emails already written on their JV pages making this an easy method to add to your autoresponder.
To create your sqeeze page and build your email list for free you can use Aweber or Getresponse! these two autoresponders provide the possibility to create a lifetime free account for a list of under 500 subscriber to encourage potential customers to use their service which can be awesome for you.

6. Drive Targeted Traffic To your affiliate Business:

affiliate business Drive Targeted Traffic

Driving traffic to your new affiliate business is fundamental. you can have a very good offer but if no one see it no doubt you will not succeed to make any sale.
So driving traffic is the most difficult and important part for the success of an affiliate business.
Most affiliate fail on driving traffic to their business because they don’t persist long enough to see results and they don’t follow a plan of action.
A good idea is to combine free and paid traffic methods which will combine to become effective as a whole.
For me and according to my experience, the best free source of traffic are the search engine optimized blog posts, Youtube and Pinterest. you can learn SEO and create a youtube channel and add your affiliate links on the description. For pinterest you can use Canva.com to create your pins for free and use Tailwind to boost the reach of your pins.
Regarding the paid source of traffic my advice is to run ads only on google ads and youtube ads and I don’t recommend the facebook ads for me it was a waste of money. you can also use soloads if you have enough money! you can check Trafficforme which is a good platform providing soloads in different niches.

7. Copy Successful Affiliate Business:

Affiliate Business Copy Success

One of the best strategies when starting a new affiliate business is to reproduce the work of successful affiliate marketers. These guys have done testing and discovered what works and what doesn’t. so being inspired from their marketing strategies will greatly speed up the results of your online marketing efforts.


Using the 7 tips above and focusing on promoting one good product at a time will drastically improve your chances of building a successful affiliate business.
Following a plan, tacking action and working hard are the keys to success in any business and affiliate marketing is no exception.

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