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Internet Marketing for Small Business

An online marketing blueprint is a detailed set of rules enabling an online marketers to create successful marketing campaign. It may be in the form of graphs whose main component is a sales graph.

Imagine that you have an e-commerce organization, with a great-looking website. Your site looks particularly impressive, has top quality and user-friendly functionality, good incentives and maybe even a large, if not targeted, flow of traffic. Unfortunately, your bounce rates may be tremendous and you might not be getting any sales to speak of.

As the traffic is not targeted, it’s hardly surprising that this is the position.

If you really want to achieve a level of visitor quality that works, you need to be sure that your traffic is targeted. When you do achieve targeted traffic, you will be able to see that your visitors are actually worthy by looking at your website stats, to see that they are actually contributing something to your business. There is a high probability that at least some of the visitors will make a purchase if you are selling through the website. And rest assured that your bounce rates are going to improve significantly – perhaps down to 50% or better. Experiment until you find something that works well for your particular niche and area of expertise.

What exactly are the benefits when the traffic to a website is targeted? I mean, if your website is not really e-commerce related, does it really matter?

As previously stated, an e-commerce website will have a high likelihood of selling if its traffic is targeted. Since the traffic is essentially interested in the nature of your website, the visitors can be expected to be looking for exactly the services or products that you offer. There are many ways to get visitors and you may have set up banner advertisements that unequivocally tell the viewers what they can expect if they click through to your site; maybe you have set up a Google ads campaign, or have links with other sites displaying anchor text and descriptions that clearly describe what visitors can expect when they get to your page after having clicked on your ads, link or banner.

If you’ve got a message that’s sent out which is specifically targeted to only the confirmed interested portion of your website viewers, what you get are clicks that are a few steps away from a sale – not wandering web surfers who may not even be aware of what they’re actually looking for. A virtual assistant can help.

A portion of your visitors will surely find your site of interest and relevance to them. They may not buy from you at the moment, but their continued visits and stay will prove to be very beneficial in increasing your Page rank and authority over time.

When a visitor lands on your page and then stays (instead of exiting quickly – which usually happens if your page proves to be unrelated to the search query and which is measured by bounce rate), it means that your page fulfill the viewer’s requirements. The search engines are able to estimate what takes place here and are likely to give you a much better position in the search engine ranking, which in turn will give your business more visiblity as time goes by. Consider online business consulting now.

A website with traffic that’s targeted will also find great opportunities to generate income. You might not sell products by yourself, but other e-commerce businesses could be interested in you becoming an affiliate for them and will provide you with another income stream. The targeted traffic that goes to your website may turn out to be the type of traffic other web-based businesses are looking to achieve. You should set up some kind of marketing rate or commission for every sale that one of these affiliates generates from your website traffic.

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