LaserPecker L1 Review and Specs

LaserPecker L1 Review

Want to engrave names and create personalized gifts, LaserPecker L1 is an excellent buy. It is lightweight, has a compact build and portable, letting you engrave surfaces anywhere. You only need to connect it to a power source to start embedding images and make your inspiration come true.

Initially, the art of engraving was an expensive venture left to a few people who could afford the costly engraving equipment. However, with the release of LaserPecker engravers, this once cost-prohibitive activity is now possible. You can now engrave any surface without specialized training.

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LaserPecker uses the latest technology to produce powerful engraving equipment that has a small build yet powerful for industrial and consumer use. The manufacturer has designed the machine with students, hobbyists, home users, and artists in mind. As such, these new LaserPecker lineup has an intuitive design that’s easy to use. Read on to find out more about the LaserPecker L1.

High-quality Laser Head

LaserPecker L1 engraver gis fitted with high-quality laser head from the renowned Osram Company based in Germany. Osram specializes in laser light technologies that have incredibly high luminosity. The technology generates more brightness than conventional techniques allowing a good deal of design freedom.

The laser technology also guarantees a longer service life. The L1 engraver, for example, uses a 450nm blue laser source with a service life of more than 10,000 hours, which is approximately 416 days. Additionally, this technology means you can engrave different types of surfaces, including leather, cloth, wood, plastic, among other conventional materials.

How to Turn A Regular Piece Of Wood Into A Coveted Work Of Art

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App Smart Operation

The engraver is integrated with an app that supports iOS and Android mobile devices. LaserPecker states it has developed the app for more than three years, and the first users attest to its effectiveness. The L1 LaserPecker App boasts a range of picture editing controls that enable users to modify pictures before engraving them.

Also, you can adjust the size of the pattern, engraving depth and power, change the font and preview the image before engraving it. These features simplify the design process letting you create beautiful images of surfaces.

When you are done designing, you need to send the file to the app in the format BMP, jpg, or other compatible formats for the laser to start engraving the pattern. The app is also compatible with Win/Mac computer software like AI, CDR, PS, and Inkscape.

This means you can use LaserPecker hardware with your desktop. You don’t have to connect it directly to the computer, but you can send files from the computer to the Laserpecker App.

Password Lock Feature

LasePecker L1 has a range of protection features that keep you and your designs safe. The first is its password lock feature that requires the user to unlock the device before use. As such, only authorized persons can access the device.

Auto-shut Feature

The equipment is also equipped with an auto-shut feature. Once the inner temperature reaches the safety threshold, the device shuts off to prevent causing a fire.

Eye Protection

LaserPecker L1 comes with an eye protection feature that keeps your eyes safe when engraving surfaces. The manufacturer also advises users to avoid looking directly at the laser source even while wearing goggles as the blue light affects one’s sight.

Lightweight Build

The engraver weighs 190 grams only, which is lighter than any mobile device. With its simple and compact design, you can easily stash it in your handbag, backpack, or other carrying equipment.

Accidental Monitoring

If you are a little clumsy when engraving a surface, no need to be alarmed. LaserPecker L1 turns off automatically to avoid causing injury or damaging the surface. The equipment uses a mobile monitoring G-sensor which detects slight movements such as a rotation, tilt, swing, or shake.

The movement is a reflection of the user’s direct input or the physical environment where the device is. The G-sensor mainly provides a three-dimensional vector that indicates the magnitude and direction of gravity. It is this ability that enables LaserPecker L1 to determine the orientation and turn off automatically to avoid causing injury.

Adequate Storage

Laserpeker L1 has sufficient space for you to store files. With an internal storage of 8GB, you don’t need to insert a USB flash disk or a micro SD card.

Works with Powerbank

You can charge LaserPecker L1 using a power bank, adapter, or PC via Type-C port. It is this compatibility that makes it easy to carry during travel. You need to take out the device and connect it to a PC to continue engraving objects.

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