A Few Myths about WordPress

Few Myths about WordPress

It is amazing to see how WordPress continues to be the most popular CMS even when user expectations from CMS vendors have changed so much over the years.

CMS platforms are bigger than ever – simply because different users want different things from different platforms. User-friendliness and personalization are no guarantee to popularity as far as Content Management Systems are concerned. Today, users look for platforms that allow them to track performance of their content as well. In short, a lot has changed over the years.

More than 74 million website owners across the globe have chosen to trust WordPress. Basic website owners, larger corporates and organizations are using this platform on a regular basis. Notably, there are certain fallacies associated with WordPress as well.

If you are looking forward to adopt this CMS as well, make sure you are acquainting yourself with these few myths about WordPress, so that you can avoid them as well. This will help you understand WordPress Web Designing and Development better.

WordPress Plugins are not efficient

It is important to remember that its plugins are as efficient and trustworthy as the authors behind them are. There are a few plugin writers who are nothing more than careless hackers but do know for a fact that there are professional grade coders who attach due attention to quality of the plugins. Their projects are supported for the long haul as well. The plugin rating system makes it easier for you to find the best plugin for a particular task. Make sure you are acquainting yourself with this rating system without fail.

This platform is susceptible to threats

If you really believe this then you’re stuck in old times. Today, it is not vulnerable to cyber threats anymore. There are several security researchers who have said that if this particular platform manages to get more than 10% market share among the users, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore it. You can keep the platform secure by following the best practices regarding configuration. You can bolster its security by keeping this platform patched as the updates are released. Yes, WordPress is vulnerable to cyber threats but since it is an open source platform, the threats are fixed easily as well.

The sites backed by this CMS system are slow

It is important to remember that only the cheap WordPress sites are slow but if you care to use reliable server and plugins, then you will not really have this particular problem. Shared domains run thousands of sites at the same. So, there is every chance of your site slowing down. Use the WordPress enhancement tools in order do away with this particular problem.

As you can see, there are some incomplete “truths” attributed to this particular platform. Busting these myths is only important to ensure further growth of this CMS. Hopefully this post has been successful in this regard. Do go through more such posts in order to know more about such myths and see how they are dispelled.

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